Dropshipping on Amazon & Online Stores – Why You Should Do It – Part 2

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Here are some reasons why dropshipping on Amazon & online stores is perfect for small, starting businesses:

1. There is no need for you to have your own warehouse for inventories. Since your items will directly come from the supplier, there is also no need to worry about upfront costs on inventory. Most sellers wouldn’t want to spend money on products without knowing if these items would sell.

2. Your options are endless. You’re not limited to one wholesaler. You can have as many wholesalers as you like, giving you and your potential buyers more options to choose from with regard to your products.

3. Dropshipping on Amazon and other online stores is easy to setup. Applying for a seller’s permit is the first step. As soon as you’ve obtained your permit, you can then list your items to online stores.

4. Amazon in particular is a reputable online store. You don’t have to worry about your marketing strategies because the site alone has a large audience. You can then concentrate on other important aspects of your business, making it a tremendous advantage on your end.

Dropshipping on Amazon and even on other online stores is easy as 1-2-3! You’re in control of what you want to list, without the hassles of packing and shipping these items to your customers. Many people are successful with this method, you might be the next.


Dropshipping on Amazon & Online Stores – Why You Should Do It – Part 1

Hey Guys, eFormula Evolution Review here again with another great article.  This one is all about Dropshipping on Amazon…check out:

If you’ve considered selling to kick-start your small online business, dropshipping is one of the methods that you may want to take into account. This is a hassle-free method of getting items shipped to your customers, straight from the wholesaler of your preference.

Getting started is easy: choosing the type of products or niche that you want to sell is the first step. Of course, you may sell a wide variety of products, but for beginners, concentrating on a particular industry will make it less confusing on your end. As soon as you have a list of retailers or merchandisers, you can then start selling your products on Ebay, Amazon and many other online stores.


What Could Yahoo Do With Its Alibaba Billions? – Part 2

eFormula Evolution Review – Mobile and video platforms, but particularly mobile are areas where Yahoo is likely to look for revenue and usage. We will probably see smaller ad-tech acquisitions too.

Within Yahoo’s investments possibilities, Pinterest could be an immediate and logical candidate. Although, Pinterest has a valuation of about $4 Billion and is unlikely to go ahead with public offering.

Snapchat could be another possibility.  However, Snapchat has a value of several billion dollar and has reportedly turned down offers from Google and Facebook several months ago. In addition to that, Snapchat seems to have an unstable and uncertain foreseeable longer-term future ahead of it, so no promises there.

What Could Yahoo Do With Its Alibaba Billions? – Part 1

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is about to go public in what is most likely to become the biggest internet IPO ever, and Yahoo is going to reap a massive cash windfall. The company is required to sell half of its roughly remaining 23% of Alibaba.

Yahoo had bought about a 40% stake in Alibaba back in 2005. The company was worth $2.5 billion back then, but today Alibaba is valued at more than $200 billion! (Ultimately depending on the IPO of course). Therefore, Yahoo stands up to make about $12 billion (before taxes) when Alibaba’s shares start to trade publicly.

When Yahoo had sold its first batch of Alibaba shares, about half of its interest, Yahoo had roughly made $7 billion, which works out to be about $4.3 billion after taxes – most of which was returned back to shareholders.

Institutional investors will push for something similar to be done by Yahoo this time as well. Many people today disagree with Yahoo’s market capitalization and growth of its share price, but they are essentially about its Asian assets, which includes Alibaba.

It’s not really about Yahoo’s core businesses, which has flat lined. So after the IPO, there will be increasing pressure on Marissa Mayer who is CEO at Yahoo, to continue growing the company’s advertising business.