Can eFormula Evolution REALLY Show You How to Rapidly Startup a $1K-$2K per Month eBiz & Then Quickly SCALE Up to 6-Figures+ with Ready-Made Tools & Guided Support?

Is the eFormula Evolution Truly a Fast Income-Generating System?

(read on for my exclusive review & bonus strategies)


Here’s a quick reality check for you before I go any further…selling physical products on the internet is NOT easy, unless you’re rummaging off some 2nd-hand goods on Ebay for dirt cheap. Building an ever-growing, sustainable ecommerce business is much tougher due to over-saturation and shrinking margins amongst FOOLISH sellers.

The eFormula Evolution claims that it can show you how to ‘move away from the pack‘, differentiate what you’re selling and SCALE your business using stronger promotion methods and multiple channels.

So lets take a sneak peek inside this system to see how it works and if it can actually help you build a rapidly growing income selling physical products:

Target Your Golden Opportunities

The 1st step in building your highly successful operation is to jump on hot opportunities

Now before I go any further, I just wanna give you a screenshot inside my Member’s Area (I’m not sure if I’m even allowed to do this but my goal is to help you get a good overview)


Basically there are 4 main components to this program:

1) 11-Week Foundational Training
2) Ongoing Advanced Strategy Webinars
3) Suite of Software Tools & Rolodex
4) Private Forum & Support System

Ok so the first couple of weeks of the training are going to focus on finding the hottest opportunities to exploit. It all revolves around identifying simple niche markets that have ‘white label’ potential…so you can create your own brand WITHOUT manufacturing or buying large bulk quantity yourself.

There’s a delicate balance between competing sellers, existing demand and ‘trendiness’ of the product that you have to get right. Even more importantly, the products you choose to promote need to be white label friendly…because there are many markets in which creating your own brand is NOT a good idea.

The good news is, you’ll get a cool software tool that will help you spot these hidden opportunities on Amazon…its called the ‘Amazon Opportunity Finder‘. You’ll be able to download it inside the Member’s Area:


Realistically, this tool will find you multiple opportunities every single day, because it continuously performs research and filters products based on very specific criteria. Its much more efficient than human labor and will not only save you time, but also reduce your chance of error (picking wrong products).

One thing many marketers overlook is the importance of ‘mindset‘. You see, there’s no way you can take advantage of opportunities on Amazon without clearing and focusing your mind for the journey ahead.

For that reason, the first couple of training sessions will also focus on how to develop the right thought process, the correct habits and which tools to use to become more productive and far happier.

Create A Premium Brand People Crave to Buy

Once you’ve got your golden opportunities identified, its time to find suppliers who will give you good terms and allow you to ‘white label’ their products.

Its all about creating your own brand, something no one can take away from you!

You’ll learn some old school methods as well as new school methods of finding suppliers. There are lots of creative ways to find suppliers online, but the old school methods are still powerful because very few people are using them.

When it comes to creating your own brand, it really just comes down to packaging, design, inserts and a few other things. Pretty simple if you understand the process and know where to get these things done. It literally revolves around a name, a logo and a label…far easier to do than ‘manufacturing’ your own products (which is far too risky and way too expensive).

Using these special white labeling tactics, you’ll be able to create a ‘premium’ and ‘trendy’ feel for your products, even if they’re ordinary. This will compel people to buy from you and pay a higher price.

Build Your Brand Trust & Authority

Alright so a cool brand is great to start with, but to really take things to the next level its necessary to build brand trust and authority.

In these set of ‘advanced’ trainings, you’ll learn how to go above & beyond the cool labels and actually build a story behind your brand, a background behind your brand and a definitive answer to WHY your prospects should buy from you (instead of your competitors).

Talking about your Company’s values, your supplier’s manufacturing processes, and giving helpful advice in your niche are just some of the ways to build trust and authority. Obviously, there are specific ways to approach all of this and you’ll get clear guidance on exactly what you need to do to build your brand’s trust & authority, even if your product is ordinary and you have no prior experience in your niche.

Get Properly Setup on Amazon

Your got your product squared away and the supplier is cooperating nicely…

Now its time to build your base on Amazon. From the Seller’s account to creating your descriptions and even using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), its all covered in this portion of the training.

As you may know, using FBA has some clear advantages in terms of cost, shipping and ultimately the trust that buyers will have in purchasing from you. FBA is a true game changer, but its constantly changing and you need to know how to use it properly for success.

The other thing that will make or break your sales is your Amazon description. Think of it as your conversion-boosting Sales Copy, and you’ll be getting a great tool that helps you pump our high converting Amazon description copy much faster:


Ordinary descriptions get ordinary results

But with the above tool, the premium branding and the trust/authority you’ll be building, the positive results that you can achieve will be far greater than the ordinary brand.

Remember, your Seller reputation along with your branding and copy will all influence how well you do on Amazon…especially against your competitors. Its essential that you get all these pieces right from the beginning.

Kickstart Your Internal Promotion Engine

Ok just to be upfront, from here on in I can’t reveal ‘too much’ about what you’ll be learning inside the course because this is where it all starts getting proprietary…meaning that the tips & strategies are kind of like Dan, Ryan, Tim, Steve & Aidan’s collective ‘trade secrets‘.

All I can say is that it revolves around powerful methods of customer follow-up and loyalty programs that can not only increase your repeat sales, but also help your brand spread virally.

Launch Your Free & Cheap External Traffic Promotions

Why rely on Amazon for all the traffic? You can take control of it by using social media, Youtube and other channels to drive a ton of traffic to your products.

Now keep in mind, when you multiply your traffic, not only are you diversifying your traffic sources, but you’re also converting a much higher percentage of that traffic because of the branding + description + authority that you’ve developed in the previous steps.

The topics covered in these set of trainings include SEO in 2014, Youtube advertising, Facebook marketing, email marketing and leveraging coupon sites to generate on-demand sales.

You’ll also get access to a valuable software, called CrowdForce, that can help you attract targeted buyer traffic from forums and websites where you audience hangs out:


With CrowdForce, you can literally start generating traffic within minutes and hours of using it. Its all about leveraging existing websites where people are discussing topics in your niche.

Use Paid Traffic Mastery to Gain Loyal Customers & Reviews

So there are free & cheap traffic methods that you’ll definitely be using, but paid traffic is a great way to scale and accelerate your business faster.

The nice thing is, since you’ve setup everything to be ‘optimized’ for conversions, you can confidently run paid advertising because the ROI will likely be positive.

You’ll learn the cost-effective ways to run paid advertising, build an email list, and create a real audience that you can market to over and over again. This also helps you achieve positive ROI from your spend, which can be as small as your budget allows.

The main focus here will be Facebook Ads, but there are also display Ad networks that can drive some really cheap clicks and help you build a larger audience to market to.

Expand into ‘Traditional Ecommerce’

After Amazon is pumping steady sales, its time to expand out into online stores. Why? Because you fully control the store, and you build a list of buyers. With Amazon, you’re not fully building a list of buyers, so thats where an online store helps you diversify.

Another advantage of online stores is being able to market on multiple channels and expand your web presence further. It makes your brand appear even more authoritative and protects you in case Amazon decides to change its rules.

From the best software solutions to easily setup your own online store in a cost effective way, to high converting store templates and more, its all covered in the training. Steve & Tim are actually online store experts with many years of experience.

Leverage Everything You’ve Built for Rapid Scaling

After the sales are coming in, your audience is growing and your brand has gained trust & authority, its time to leverage all of that and sell to other retailers interested in carrying your product. This is where Wholesale comes in and allows you to grow your revenue at a much faster pace.

Another way you’ll learn to leverage is to tie your internal promotions with your external promotions to create exponentially more sales. Basically, as you continue to expand your external traffic promotions (Youtube, social media, etc), tying that in with your internal promotions (contests, loyalty programs, followups) will allow you to create an avalanche effect.

Scaling is both science and art. You’ll have tons of creative examples to work with and a step-by-step methodology for scaling up. Timing is critical…things have to be done in the right order and at the right times to operate smoothly.


If you feel that all this sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t worry, outsourcing can relieve a lot of that burden and dramatically reduce your workload.

With eFormula Evolution, you actually get in-depth training on what to outsource, how to outsource and how to hire reliable people who’ll help you grow rapidly:


I really like the fact that you’re getting ‘Process Sheets‘ for outsourcing, which are basically cheat-sheets that you can use to shortcut the whole process of outsourcing.


What do the seasoned pros use in their business? With the rolodex of tools & resources, you’ll know exactly what Tim, Steve, Aidan, Dan & Ryan use in their OWN businesses.

This is how they perform market research, analytics, survey customers, build stores, get designs and effectively outsource. All their resources are listed here for you to use.

This Rolodex will help you skip a ton of trail-and-error and become way more efficient in running your business.

Ok, so now that you’ve gotten a sneak peek of this system, the real question is, what are the biggest benefits of investing in it?

The BIGGEST benefit of eFormula Evolution, by far, is that it shows you a simple process for building a small income stream that can be predictably scaled up to 6-figures and then shielded from failure.

And another HUGE benefit is the direct support you’ll be getting from Tim, Steve, Aidan, Ryan, Dan and their most successful students…answering your questions and giving you the hands-on guidance you need to succeed.

Drawbacks of eFormula Evolution
[What I Don’t Like]

For starters, its an 11-week course, meaning that its drip-fed over time. They did this to prevent overwhelm and to keep you progressing, but if you want to consume the material faster, you won’t be able to.

One thing I would’ve liked to see are the EXACT products that Dan & Ryan are promoting to generate 500K per month, but I guess thats too much to ask :). I think it would be inspiring and very helpful for most people, but there are always the sneaky bunch that like to steal ideas.

This system will take time & effort. Its not ‘push button’ by any means and although many parts of it can be automated, its not something you can entirely create & run with software. It requires real human effort and marketing, but you’ll have the blueprint on how to do it.

The other thing you have to realize is that its impossible to have all the products you launch succeed at a high level. There will be failures, but thats where white labeling greatly lowers your risk and cost. The 80/20 rule applies here. 80% of your revenue will come from 20% of your products…thats just the way it is. The most important thing is to have your 1st product atleast be a small success, so you can build from there.

The training emphasizes Amazon more than any other channel, while being a little light on the other channels. Basically, the most ‘over the shoulder’ help seems to be with Amazon. However, with the other channels, you’re still getting insider tips & strategies.

Lastly, all the other traffic generating methods are covered at a decent level, but they aren’t in-depth by any means. You’ll have what you need to drive traffic to your physical products, but if you want to really master the other traffic sources, eFormula Evolution won’t get very deep with it. Also, email marketing is not covered in a lot of detail, which I think is one of the most profitable ways to build your business.

So, to help solve some of these issues and add value, I’ve created an exclusive bonus called the ‘eFormula Evolution Fast Cash’ Academy.

Inside this Academy, I’ll show you how to become a traffic-generating Ninja no matter what niche you’re promoting, how to use email marketing to drive massive conversions, and how to leverage your traffic to greatly scale your business BEYOND physical products.

…Also, before I get into my bonuses, have you seen my Keyword Advantage Review Site, or my Instant Domain Sniper Review site.  How about my Video Marketing Publisher Review Site? If not, than make an effort to see those sites and see how I can help you maximize your results with these product coupled with my bonuses.

My Exclusive eFormula Evolution Bonus Will Help You Make More Money With This Course and Make It Faster

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Hanif ‘Your Right Hand Man’ Quentino



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